Publication costs vs subscription income

Continuing our work to remind ourselves and our subscribers what a good value our paper is, we’re sharing this graphic in the paper this week:

A graphic showing that it costs $123 in staff, printing, postage and other expenses to bring the paper to an average print subscriber in a year, contrasted with the base subscription price of $43.

Charging $43 for something that costs $123 to produce obviously isn’t sustainable on its own. If you look at our overall finances you see that our advertising revenue mostly covers the gap…as long as you ignore the fact that our pay isn’t great and we don’t offer much in the way of benefits. But that’s a lot to say in a single house ad.

My hope with this image is to affirm the folks who tell us all the time that our subscription and retail prices are too low, and start a conversation with the folks who haven’t thought about it yet.

Chris Hardie is a journalist, newspaper publisher, software developer and entrepreneur based in Indiana, USA. Read more from Chris on this site, learn more on his personal website, subscribe for updates or follow Chris on Mastodon.

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